Parkland Skateboards

The Land Is Your Park

At Parkland Skateboards, or Parkland Skate, ideas & concepts of geography, skate culture, and sport are envisioned and given substance. All boards are 7-ply maple, cold-press manufactured, and then crafted with top-quality materials. Our decks are custom made in Southern California at competitive prices comparable to various other companies in the industry. Take a look around our store and hopefully you are able find product(s) to your liking. If any questions should arise, feel free to contact us.

Urban Skater
Young Skater Relaxing

Behind "Parkland"

Parkland Skateboards was conceived with the vision that no matter where you are, that the land is your park and it is up to you to reflect your park. Whether your park is the streets of a 50k-100k city across mid-America, a major city along an interstate highway, or a 20-acre farm in Canada, its your land and what you make of it. Discover, or rediscover, your land today. 

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